At the core, Farol purchases, designs and builds, or at times refurbishes and rebuilds, petroleum sites to meet all industry standards, but we go well beyond that. Our focus is in delivering an exceptional site, not just in management but for every customer who frequents it. We play the role of investor and property managers. Our extensive industry experience lends its hand. In the process, every need is met including the complex navigation of government requirements across different departments. We deliver the studies to ascertain the nature of the area proposed; from the initial environmental studies, to geographical and location studies determining traffic flow and traffic numbers, as well as the important demographical information that’s essential to a successful business. Farol completes all cost analysis, builds business models, negotiates and purchases properties, completes refurbishments or new builds, from there we can then prepare the site for occupancy and management, or rental, lease or sale.

For more information, please contact Alex Bakker (Administrator) at property@endeavourpet.com.au or call 03 9781 7120.

Working in the Petroleum industry has many challenges - safety being just one of them. Working with Endeavour Petroleum...
Jack Lumby
Pro-Active Building and
Maintenance Pty Ltd
I am a regular customer at the Endeavour BP service station in Bairnsdale. The Endeavour store is very convenient, immaculately...
Wayne Volk
Road and drainage
We have technicians who travel all over Victoria and they always tell me they go to the Endeavour BP sites for their Duck Over takeaway...
Evan Psarakis
Pegasus Petroleum