Supporting local communities

Beyond delivering a valuable service across all fronts, we are actively involved in the communities we work in. We have focussed on assisting the funding of community groups that improve their community. In all areas where we can lend our support, we do – and we choose to do so willingly, on our own terms, not looking for reward. It may be as simple as selling bread from the local baker on our shelves, engaging local trades, or celebrating the local news and triumphs.

Sporting clubs

What would a country town be without its netball and football clubs? Sport has always played an important role in rural life. The number of sporting clubs continues to grow, and we’ve seen new sports such as basketball, skate and scooter clubs flourish, even pet clubs! Each year, we have a determined budget that benefits clubs that provide training and support to their participants, and create a sense of pride within their town.

Caring for our environment

We’ve engaged with people caring for our environment and we’re proud of the fact that plantations bear our name. We’ve supported bush banks where volunteers collect and propagate native plants for local use and we’ve been involved with soil erosion work.

In the case of extreme events, we’ve faced droughts, fires and floods together with our community. We continue to support our staff that make up the ranks of volunteer organisations that serve and protect our community. We maintain great working relationships with local brigades and services. And we look forward to assisting their growth so they can continue to serve on the frontlines well into the future.

This commitment to community was witnessed first hand during the bushfires in Gippsland. Our people and our community came together to keep the fuel flowing as safely and securely as possible, at a time when corporate oil in the region shut up shop.

It was a valiant effort in a time of great need – from the family owned trucking company that carried fuel from the oil company terminals to our sites, to our staff who – when they weren’t on the front lines with the CFA and SES, defending their homes or evacuating their families – pumped fuel and tended to fire fighters and rescue crews.

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“I have never been so proud and emotional about our performance as a team and a company than during the Gippsland fires. I believe it’s this distinction – the humanity of it – that sets the Endeavour Group and our business dealings apart,” Jeff Griffiths, Director, Endeavour Group.