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Endeavour Group has evolved by being great at what we do. Established for over 26 years, we began in distribution in the fuel and convenience industry. For us, it’s always been about striving to better your customer experience – no matter the industry or consumer. It’s the reason our successful offering is what it is today. Through providing flexibility and delivering what we say we will, we stand out amongst the fold in our chosen industries. We know we are different, we embrace that; it’s how we work.

From the friendly local knowledge offered over the counter of our Endeavour Petroleum stores, to the convenience and reliability of our 24/7 fuel stops and depot’s and deliveries to the busy broadacre farmer by our fleet of Fuel Shifter Trucks – we deliver exceptional customer service where it matters most. It’s the thread that ties our services together and makes us an important part of the communities we serve.

As with all companies, success begins with strong and proactive leadership; from our Director, and our management team working closely together, to the day to day engagement that takes place with our staff.

Endeavour Group continues to expand our offering to meet needs and grasp new opportunities, deliver new services, and discover new horizons.

For more information, please contact us on 03 9781 7100 or info@endg.com.au..

How We Work

As an independent, we value the freedom and flexibility that enables us to provide the best offer to our customers and consumers. Having worked with our customers and consumers for over 26 years, we know you value freedom and flexibility too.

With a vision to be a vehicle for positive change in business, industry, community and in people’s lives – we acknowledge that the cog and wheels of that change in motion are our people on the ground. That’s why community is important to us. It’s our family, our people, our community. And it’s where our commitment lies.

Beyond delivering a valuable service across all fronts, we are actively involved in the communities we work in. As a prominent part of our communities, we remain accountable and reliable. We know our people rely on us, as much as we rely on them. And we are all for mutual success.

For more information, please contact us on 03 9781 7100
or info@endg.com.au.

From the Director

Jeff Griffiths has been in the fuel industry for over 45 years. Beginning his career as a clerk at a major oil company, Jeff climbed the ladder over the following 20 years to represent the company in regional and national management roles. Since then, Jeff’s expertise, industry understanding and connections have been a valuable resource in the successful development and trading of his family business – the Endeavour Group.
As a founder and managing director of numerous businesses under this banner, Jeff has made significant impact on the petroleum and convenience industry, delivering both flexibility and innovation where there was previously none.

Jeff, himself, played a prominent role on the Board and as President of ACAPMA – the Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association.

For more on the highlights of Jeff’s career, visit his profile on LinkedIn.

“The Endeavour Group encompasses successful businesses built by good people making a difference. We exist to make change and shift traditionally tough industries.

Endeavour PetrolEUM

It all began in petroleum distribution over 26 years ago, and moved toward retail opportunity to meet a particular need. Working 20 odd years for an oil company in many marketing roles I learned a great deal about business planning, budgeting and people management. I also had been given the opportunity to focus on the Distributor market, which was mainly operated by family businesses in regional areas. Too often petrol sites, mostly in such regional areas, would be left to ruin. And so began the important task of undertaking such sites, and uncovering their full potential under Endeavour Petroleum.


What became very important to our survival and growth of Endeavour Petroleum was the property ownership and investment. The challenge that we faced was to keep focusing on our customers but in order to do this you needed a network of locations in wholesale (depots) and retail (service stations). We quickly learnt about site design and building. This gave us the edge over many competitors because being a fuel site operator you are often best positioned to understand new site design.

There was a realisation that we could not expand unless we focused on the areas of business where we could have the most impact.


Our industry has a great saying ‘Retail is about Detail’. And so it was for our company. Over the years we have run our own shop program where we took charge of buying all stock and working out how we would promote and sell it. We have successfully moved into liquor and stockfeed retailing. In addition we also designed our own takeaway food banner trading as ‘Duck Over’.

We’ve been able to do so because we run our sites under company operation. The definition of this is that we own the sites and stock, and directly employ all the staff. This allows us to control our service standards and design the offer that best suits the local community needs.

Our linked values

From procuring Endeavour Petroleum sites, building new ones as Farol, to sourcing and distributing quality fuel via our Fuel Shifter Truck Fleet, the Endeavour Group is now a diverse group of companies. While different, we are all strongly linked in our values and core operations. We continually look at our activities and measure if they are meeting customer needs.

Our investment

We aim to constantly improve our financial performance. Our business plans commits us to invest capital, be prudent in the management of operating costs, and provide full support to the best team of staff we can put together. Endeavour has had great history over the last 26 years, but to the future we are looking. We accept all the challenges the fuel industry can present us because we are driven to be a major player in its future.”

Jeff Griffiths
Director, Endeavour Group

Senior Management

We are proud to be led by an exceptional group of people within the Endeavour Group. Please discuss your future project with one of our senior management team members below. Should you wish to connect with an Endeavour Group brand directly, you’ll find all the contact details here.