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We’re all about convenience and our product range and services including our Duck Over food offer reflect that. Then there is the experience; the welcome, the sense of community, our people. Each and every customer matters. It what makes Endeavour Petroleum unique.

Our local focus means we use bread made by the local baker, support the local footy club and get involved in life where we work. It’s this focus on community  that sets us apart and is the reason we are welcome and valued in local towns.

For more information, please contact Mark Decleva
(Business Development Manager) at mark@endeavourpet.com.au
or call 0410 479 304.

Endeavour Petroleum owns and runs 18 petrol stations across Gippsland and eastern Victoria, 14 of these are BP branded. Despite the renowned green and gold – a nod to our own appreciation of quality fuel – the difference of a site run by Endeavour Petroleum is palpable, be it under the BP banner or under our own brand. Our values are reflected in the way we do business. There is the obvious attention to detail that you’ll notice the moment you arrive – the well-placed fuel bowsers pumping qualify fuel, the ease of parking, the spacious, clean and easy-to-navigate aisles stocked with national brands and your local favourites.

24/7 Diesel

Endeavour delivers convenience, quality and value for locals, travelers and transport drivers with 24/7 diesel sites located in Alberton, Heyfield and opening soon in Horsham. With round-the-clock access to our quality diesel and Adblue, you can refuel at any time in a location convenient to you. We’ve made the process for self-service simple, and we accept all credit cards and Motorpass. For more information, please contact Mark Decleva
(Business Development Manager) at mark@endeavourpet.com.au
or call 0410 479 304.

The card that helps you on your way

Our Endeavour Fuel Card is another initiative designed to deliver convenience, quality and value for our locals and farming communities. The card significantly reduces the amount of admin required in keeping your refuelling requirements on budget and on the go.

Benefits include:

  • Quick and easy transactions when onsite
  • Secure payment systems
  • Multiple cards available for one account
  • Streamlining internal processes for business expenses
  • Access to an expanding network of sites throughout Victoria
  • Dispatch within 24 hours on replacement cards
  • Manage all cards online through the Endeavour customer accounts portal

Fill out the below application form, download a PDF, or request and submit a hard copy at your local Endeavour Petroleum.
Combined with the Endeavour Customer Portal, this card delivers direct access to accounts, expense reports and payment options for ease in the day-to-day running of your business fleet and refuelling requirements.

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Products & Services

Here’s a few things you can expect for your convenience at an Endeavour Petroleum fuel station;

  • Quality fuel including a full suite of petrol, diesel and LPG at the bowsers
  • Our Duck Over range
  • Quality lubricants for trucks, cars and motorbikes
  • Large range of quality automotive accessories at all stores
  • Camping and fishing supplies at many sites
  • Firewood for camping and open fires
  • Phone chargers, leads and accessories
  • Great value groceries
  • Chips, chocolates and snacks
  • Health food products and more
  • Unigas – SWAPnGO gas bottles
  • Motorpass – partnering with a nationally recognised fuel card
  • Stockfeed – quality stock feeds at competitive prices at select locations

Our Duck Over range including hot foods… pies, sausage rolls, dim sims, hot dogs, fried foods (at some sites) plus sandwiches, muffins, donuts and slices

Management Team

Leigh Entwistle

Logistics Manager
0408 922 945

Annmarie Meers
Area Manager Southern Victoria
0408 432 758

David Tilbrook
Wholesale Distributor Manager
0460 400 262

Mark Decleva
Business Development 
0410 479 304

Anthony Graham
Business Development 
0419 486 871

Gary Waite
Food Developement Manager
0448 633 269

Jamie Ashman
Marketing Coordinator
0436 366 344